Learn to Fly in Canada

International Pilot Academy, Canada

Based in Gatineau, Near Ottawa

Aviation is a culture in Canada. Aviation connects its vast lands and you will see that Canadian are highly passionate and professional for aviation. Learning to fly in such a country is a delight. The comfortable exchange rate also makes the course economical.

The course at International Pilot Academy comes with a unique affiliation with Cegep Heritage College to provide fully accredited education to prospective pilots.

The academy is almost entirely run by pilots and aviation professionals who know what it takes to take to the skies.

DGCA Compliant Program

CPL+Multi-IFR Pilot License

Flight Time: 207.2 Hours*

*Includes: Single Engine, Multi Engine and Instrument Rating

Estimated Course Time: 24 months

Estimated Total Cost: $ 70,532**^

**Includes Radio License, Uniform, books, Insurance and more. ^Price are subjected to change without notice. The Fee applicable at the time of admission shall be payable.

Course Start Date: Please Call us for information

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Authorization with Transport Canada

Course Fee Details

Course Details

Flight Time: 207.2 Hours*

Program Costs in Canadian Dollars ($CDN)

ITEM                                 DESCRIPTION                       QUANTITY                     LINE TOTAL

Single Engine Dual        Aircraft Rental                                   79.1                             22,939 $
Multi Engine Dual         Aircraft Rental                                    13                                  9,750 $
Solo / PIC                        Aircraft Rental                                   115.1                            23,020 $
Textbooks                        Ground school Kit                                1                                      350 $
Ground School               PPL+CPL                                           245                                  9,800 $
Supplies                          Flight planning check-sheet           227.2                             227.20 $
Electronic-PTR              Subscription (25$ per month)        24                                      600 $
Uniform                           IPA  1 shirt and 3 epaulets                 1                                       125 $
Insurance                        Monthly                                               24                                   1,200 $
ROC-A                             Radio License                                        1                                         45 $
PSTAR                             Pre-Solo Test – Air Regulation          1                                         45 $
File Transfer                   File transfer to Transport Canada    1                                       250 $

SUBTOTAL                 68,351.20 $
SALES TAX                    2,181.33 $
TOTAL                          70,532.53 $**

*Includes Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instrument Rating

Estimated Total Cost: (Approximately INR 42,31,951  {@ 1 CDN = 60 INR)

**Price are subjected to change without notice. The Fee applicable at the time of admission shall be payable.

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